"After the Fact"

Song Listen
1 Winnipeg and back
2 over the mountain
3 a shoe gazer
4 newfound star
5 time to go
6 say yeah
7 live like U can
8 on the sea
9 ming man
10 parallel process
11 4 guitar

About the Album...

Recording for this debut began around the year 2003. Yes - it took a while, but by 2007 an assortment of demos waited (im)patiently to all make sense. After more reflection, 11 tracks emerged as the "final" album, which was released March 2nd, 2010.

Jim recorded and played all the parts himself, though a dub-inspired production from Mark Hasbrouck evokes a band dreamily experimenting in the studio.

The result is a fairly headphone friendly record, whose songs tell a story through 'aural snapshots'. The tale is true, and involves someone taking a jump, catching real air, breaking in the water, and eventually swimming to shore.

To the author, this album is seen mainly as a song-collage, where each tune evokes a different chapter in a journey to find himself and his true voice....