wtb: Pulse

14 Mar 2010
Posted by jim

This is definitely a long shot, but if anyone knows of a good used Pulse, give me a shout!  Actually, any nice small-RV that one could take on a continental road trip (say, of the solo music variety) will be considered...

At first I was thinking of a Minnie Winnie, but changed my mind after seeing how big they are!  I initially thought Minnie Winnie, though, because of the (1975) movie "Escape to Witch Mountain".  I was 7 years old, and it really made an impression on me at the time.

In fact, my best friend Mike and I would even pretend that we were Tony and Tia (I ended up being Tony, though now his harmonica powers would be appreciated!). And of course, we both had a crush on Tia :D  Anyway, this cinematic masterpiece features a 1974 Minnie Winnie, which was the first time I'd seen something like that (and definitely the first time I'd seen this).

And last week, while driving out of a St. Paul parking lot, I saw a used Jamboree.  It sure was perty, and also fairly small. Plus, the seller only wanted about $3700 for it.  However, my friend actually saw someone trying to drive it the other day, and it reportedly could barely get to the other end of the parking lot. Later, I checked out a current Jamboree, and now they're way too big.

However, when I saw that Pulse, it did quicken my pulse ;)  Anyway, to re-cap:  A small RV would be awesome, preferably one that can run on veggie oil!  Also, if you can recommend any kind of government program to help me purchase it, that'd be much appreciated.  And, if one were procured, a sweet tour could commence directly :-)