march madness

19 Mar 2010
Posted by jim

Ah yes, that magnificent time of year has returned: March Madness.  And yes, I am talking about the basketball tournament :D  And while it's great in front of the TV, it's starting to get very nice outdoors as well.  Why, just 2 days ago the first signs of outdoor water have re-appeared  (as a ~10-foot-wide ring of water around the perimeter of the lake).

I'm also hearing the first bona fide bird chirpings of the year, plus seeing lots of brown & tan in the countryside (with accents of green!).  So basically it's warm, the heater hardly goes on anymore, and you can open windows in your car whilst driving thru the city.  And going from strength to strenth, there's more daylight hours as well.

To me, psychologically, there's also the sense that you're now really moving towards the climax of something.  The final "push" or "crunch-time" before the summer kicks in.  And in college basketball, this emerges right now!

So these kids are putting it all out there for their futures and/or their teams.  To me -- looking from that viewpoint -- there's truly no losers here.  But I'd guess most of the actual players will realize this only later....

And so I say again: This is when the madness happens :p