bug catch-and-release

29 Aug 2010
Posted by jim

So I got back earlier today from a weekend family getaway for my niece's birthday.  Now as I recall, the other times we visited didn't have too many mosquitos.  But this time, there must have been a fresh hatching.  At least, there were definitely more around (and more dragon flies too) this time....

So last evening, we had finished supper and I has helping dry the dishes. I glanced at the upper kitchen wall and spotted a mosquito, which was vividly set apart from the whiteness behind it. Now, most of the time, my main tact is to just move away (or send it on its way). But in a close quarters like this, and in the presence of many other mosquitos, the decision was made to kill them.

And so as soon as I saw it on the wall, I grabbed a nearby "Newsweek" and quickly squashed it. Right at the point of impact, some blood was spilled onto the mazazine and bright white wall. And suddenly I felt bad, remarking ~ "Aww, he was happy 'cause he just got some blood, was cleaning himself, and all of a sudden bam - he's dead. I didn't want to kill him, but it had to be done".

Later on, there was a medium-sized black moth perched against the (again, white) bedroom wall. I grabbed my empty water glass and immediately cupped it over the moth. Then, I grabbed a nearby card and slid it over the glass' top.  I then hopped outside, removed the card, and gave it a shake.

Moth safely released, and back inside, I said to my mom that that's what I preferred to do. I just wish there was another option for indoor bugs that you mostly just want to send (peacefully) on its way.

I then mentioned that I had thought of such an invention:

There's a reasonably small glass sphere with a slightly narrower extention (kind of like a beaker). There would then be some sort of suction device that would bring smaller insects (like mosquitos, bees, etc). into the sphere.  I confess that it this point I haven't figured out how this would work...

But after the bug had been sucked in (and while the air was still sucking), you could flip a lid over on top (w/ optional closing latch, perhaps). Once you'd collected this misplaced traveller, you could release it outside and back to where it once belonged :D  (note to self, use the chorus of that song for the commercials).

Anyway, I hope someone makes this product someday (soon). And if not, maybe i will.  Anyway, that's my loosely proposed invention idea, and I'm sticking to it.