New Album Underway

03 Oct 2010
Posted by jim

Hey, I wanted to post a quick message that a new album is definitely in progress now!

I actually started recording the basic tracks back in the early summer of 2008.  This continued, on and off, through the spring of 2009.  Then I took a little break, went to Alaska, and upon returning had a plan of attack for the rest of the record.

Basically I've decided to work on and finish one song at at time now.  I'm not sure if this will include final mixes, but I'll definitely keep to this plan for recording the tracks. So when I've recorded all the tracks for one song (and it "feels" complete), a mix will be made and I'll move on.  I think this focused process will give each song a real cohesive feel...

So first I began working on a song called "She's Not in Love".  However, in August the ADAT machines I'm recording on began acting up (errors, malfunctions, and other scary stuff).  So I brought them in to be repaired, and then waited.  And waited. And called.  And waited. And called. And waited.

Finally, around mid-October, I got the machines back, but one of them seemed to not be any better.  So I brought it back, and waited some more.  A couple weeks later, that machine was fixed again (this time really fixed), and I was again back to work.

Some more tracks were added over the winter, and now the first song was ready for mixing :)  Then, last July I began recording tracks for the 2nd song, called "Paint the Town".  The progress on this also was put on hold for a couple months, as I was watching my Parents house and the studio was busy.  But l was able to resume work on this song a couple weeks ago, and now it's also nearly ready for mixing.

So I'm very excited now, because I think I have a clear, open window from now through until (at least) spring of 2011 to finish the other 8-or-so songs.  After I finish each song, I'm going to make at least a good semi-final mix, and plan to post these in-progress versions somewhere on this site (as yet to be decided).

I'm *really* feeling good about these new songs, as so far they have a kind of magical quality to them.  So I'm looking forward to this process, and can't wait for U 2 hear the results.