VH1 caught ignoring reality

09 Oct 2010
Posted by jim

Earlier today I was watching TV, and inevitably the channel surfing stopped by VH1.  As it happened, they were counting down their "100 Greatest One-Hit Wonders".  According to the website, this show "represents those single songs that enjoyed chart success or had a lasting impact on the music scene or society at large."

Basically they show parts of the videos from their chosen songs, interspersed with commentary from "current" artists and comedians.  And, whenever possible, add interviews with these peeps today talking about their song....  Plus: they tell you what they are doing now!  (In most cases, still performing and looking for that 2nd hit.)

At one point, someone on the show actually said he'd rather have 1 hit than 2, because no one does shows about 2-hit wonders!  Anyway, I'm watching this and on comes "Electric Avenue" by Eddie Grant. Parenthetically, I was 15 when it came out, and always liked hearing it back in the day :)

VH1 ranked it as follows:   91. "Electric Avenue" by Eddie Grant (1983)

Anyway, as addictive as this all is, I eventually walked away. But a little later that afternoon, suddenly the other Eddie Grant song wafted into my head: "Romancing the Stone".  Funny, I don't think I've actually heard that song once since it left the charts... (the last time I remember hearing it was at tennis camp, up in the dorms of Gustavus Adolphus college).

But I know it was must have sold pretty well, because there was a short period where it was being played often on the pop radio.  So I looked it up on Wikipedia, and found:

1984 "Romancing the Stone" U.K.
U.S. Hot 100
U.S. Club Play

Since it went all the way to 26, Eddie Grant in the U.S. is technically a 2-hit wonder :)  And I'm pretty sure VH1 knows it.  On the upside, this omission of convenience *did* allow Mr. Grant to get on their show.  And that's totally cool w/ me, because Eddie is awesome.

But I just wanted to let the record show that in this case, VH1 is bending reality to fit a preconceived narrative. Hmm, strangely similar to Fox News, eh?