Every Other Eve

17 Oct 2010
Posted by jim

So now that the new album is on a roll, I think I've stumbled upon found a good pattern for working on it.  Namely: every other evening.  Because I'm finding that I love getting into the music-making mode on one evening, and then the next day go about my business and sort of step back for a minute.

Then, after a good night's sleep, I return feeling decidedly fresh :)  And so it goes, until a really good album appears!  Anyway, that's the plan for now, and I hope it holds.  With this in my mind, I think that also doubles as a really good band name (which, by the way, makes a dope acronym: EOE).

Anyway, i like it right now!  But to be fair, I must say I'm naturally somehow compelled to frequently be thinking of band names.  So there've been many other names that have momentarily caught my fancy.  Some recent ones include*:

Land Lines and Sea Lions
Barbi Gras
Jimmy B12
Luft Tanze (that one's good if you know German)
Mr. Ladybug
Heath Row
Memory Laps
Little Phoenix
Me From Adam
Face Plant

And though I like them, I'm not going to go changing "James Land" anytime soon.  Still, I wanted to show that this mental band name generator is seemingly always on :D

* if any of these names are already taken, I respectfully withdraw the claim.  After all, I wouldn't want to be like this guy.