Halfway to Boxing Day

27 Jun 2011
Posted by jim

Wow, i just noticed an interesting coincidence. So I've just completed my best (current) mix of "Boxing Day" for the upcoming album.  And I must say it took a good 3 evenings, at about 3 hours a session, to mix the song to its current "JB Final Mixes" state...

And I'm pretty happy with the results :) It will be interesting to see what Mark, my sometime producer, would come up with for this... BTW, this song was fist stumbled onto over 10 years ago, making it an exception to the otherwise fairly newish tunes (within the last few years) involved. So there probably will always be a warm memory in my head of its genesis in a basement in south Minneapolis... And its recent expansion into a full song also came about fairly effortlessly.

Anyway, as I started thinking about writing this blog (originally titled "Introducing: Boxing Day"), I began thinking more about the actual Boxing Day :) And then I started wondering how long it's been since the last one, which led to the surprising realization that right now it's exactly halfway between Boxing days!

Now I could imagine, using Astrology, that a person could say that currently these 2 things are in exact opposition to one another. It certainly seems that way with the weather, since the main day is in early winter, and right now it's early summer.

But otherwise, it's just another song jumping happily into the world :)