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B.C. Day

10 Mar 2010
Posted by jim

Dear reader - things have been crazy around here lately, and I haven't managed to write.  And while that's true, I want you to know that I've thought of writing many times.  In fact, here are some journal entries I almost wrote:

What Would Tarvu Do?

26 Feb 2010
Posted by jim

So lately I've become intrigued by a certain religion.  It's called Tarvuism, and is shining sweet light into my universe(s) right now.  So much so, I'm seriously thinking about becoming a priestmunty!  I guess my first step will be to locate the nearest Chabernacle (shouldn't be too difficult).

Posted by jim

So today I was well surprised to actually see the finished CDs for the 1st printing of "After the Fact"!

dueling dualities

18 Feb 2010
Posted by jim

Wow, I just heard about this on the BBC last night.  It's apparently gaining some momentum in the UK! I really hope it becomes enacted there and travels across the pond...


13 Feb 2010
Posted by jim

Hello, my name is Jim.  I was born in St. Cloud, MN, and lived there through college (except for a 6-month stay in Germany).  In the fall of 1991, I moved to Minneapolis after graduating SCSU.  I got a job in a photocopy store (Kinko's - when it was still independent), and began playing in a band called the Surahoolies.