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Yesterday was Cinco De Mayo, and a band I play with (Pachanga Society) had just finished a show in downtown St. Cloud (Pioneer Place).  Afterward, I walked over to the Tavern on Germain, where a guy was doing (very well) a solo-acoustic set from the stage....

May Day Musings

02 May 2010
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I'm still not sure exactly what to make of May Day.  When I was a kid, there was the even-then sometimes surreal scenario where someone would sneak up to someone else's house and leave a basket full of goodies by the front door. Then ring the doorbell and run.  But if you were caught, something would happen, though I can't remember what (hint: add a comment y'all). Anyway, you don't really seem to hear of anyone doing this anymore, so it's seems like it's pretty much died out (?).

Earth Day Dictation

22 Apr 2010
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So today is Earth Day, and like millions of people I'm thinking about it.  I think it's kind of an amorphous holiday, probably because there are no standard "observances" for celebration. Myself, I didn't really do anything too special today (with the exception of taking these pictures), just carried on with my "normal" Thursday routine....

Zinn and tonic

18 Apr 2010
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I must admit (in lieu of something more interesting to write about) that last night my personal "spring cleaning" may have come to an end.  I use the word "may" here because the spirit of the idea lives on.  But the letter of it was broken, as it just made too much sense not to throw back a few beers....

Spring Cleaning

11 Apr 2010
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Well, today was the day when all the stars were in alignment and it was time to do some serious spring cleaning. Actually, the stars went into alignment for one aspect of this back on March 24. It was early Thursday morning, and I was out in the Pearl Lake Studio practicing (at about 1 a.m. or so)...

Jim Cody

05 Apr 2010
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A few years ago, I had a blog on the now-deceased aqua-balloon.com website. At the time, I thought it'd be a good idea to write about some of dreams I had while sleeping.  When the blog went down, though, I noticed that this didn't happen very often....

... In any case, I think a small part of me still thinks it's kind of a good idea.  And so on this Easter sunday (add symbolism to taste), I'm going to muse over a dream I had a couple nights ago.  But before that, here's a brief background...

Oh Brother!

28 Mar 2010
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Recently I rediscovered a movie I haven't seen in a long time (a decade, in fact).  Flipping through the channels, it jumped off the screen with sepia-toned abandon: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?  The first time I saw it was at the $2 theater in St. Cloud (ah, I loved going to that run-down spot behind the mall)...

march madness

19 Mar 2010
Posted by jim

Ah yes, that magnificent time of year has returned: March Madness.  And yes, I am talking about the basketball tournament :D  And while it's great in front of the TV, it's starting to get very nice outdoors as well.  Why, just 2 days ago the first signs of outdoor water have re-appeared  (as a ~10-foot-wide ring of water around the perimeter of the lake).

monday night life

15 Mar 2010
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Well it's another chilled out monday evening here in greater St. Cloud.  I love this evening, because it means John Drake is gonna be playing a mad wide variety of all-Minnesota music.  It's inspiring to hear him compose his DJ sets - the songs flow together (or apart) so skillfully.  Plus, it's just good fun :)

wtb: Pulse

14 Mar 2010
Posted by jim

This is definitely a long shot, but if anyone knows of a good used Pulse, give me a shout!  Actually, any nice small-RV that one could take on a continental road trip (say, of the solo music variety) will be considered...