September Psychosis

10 Sep 2010
Posted by jim

I'm pretty sure I've blogged before about the madness that manifests in the month of March.  Well now it's September, and I'm noticing a re-occurence of this basic affect (though technically here more of a psychosis ;)

What is it, you ask? Why, it's nothing other than the U.S Open tennis tournament. I'm calling it "September Psychosis", though I hope that doesn't catch on!  But in any case the USTA is darn right -- for so many reasons (too many to get into here) -- 'It must be love' :D

And so now, just before the womens and mens semi-finals, I'm ready to "unveil" my picks...

Mens Finals:
Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal
Federer wins.
(note - I'm 93% confident on this)

Rationale: Both men are cruising through the tournament and definitely seem to be on a collision course.  Last year both Nadal and Federer were knocked out by Juan Martin Del Potro, the eventual 2009 winner. Nadal has won every other major USTA tournament, making this prospective final a chance for him to capture a "career grand slam".  However, Federer lost last year in the longest 5-set US Open men's finals ever (I'm pretty sure). And the last time he faced Nadal in a major final, he lost in another epic struggle at Wimbledon.  Both players want it bad and are at the tops of their game.  But I'm giving the edge to Federer, because I think he might want it just a little more, plus he doubtlessly craves "redemption" for those aforementioned defeats.  He's had a little tougher draw in this second week, and I think that will give him an edge out of the gate. Plus, having Gwen Stefani watching & rooting for you can't hurt either!

Womens Finals:
Caroline Wozniacki vs. Venus Williams
Williams wins.
(note - I'm only 82% confident on this, because Clijsters is still in it)

Rationale: Sweet Caroline sort of surprised everyone last year as she breezed through to the finals.  However, in the championship match she came up short against the very seasoned (and excellent) Kim Clijsters. But this year she is more experienced, on a hot streak, and so far has fairly breezed through the tournament.  Wozniacki is seeded #1, and will make good on it by reaching the finals.  On the other side, Venus -- if she reaches the finals -- will have beaten Cllijsters, thereby giving her a huge boost (since Clijsters has won the last handful of times they've met).  This momentum, plus the fierce desire to win another major after many years' draught (and being in the shadow of her sister Serena) will give her the emotional edge. Wozniacki is still only 20 years old, and will certainly have many more shots at the title.  Added together, in this probable matchup I think it should be enough to make 2010 Venus' year.